Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Handmade by Rebekah Page

As you may already know, from my information section of this blog, I really enjoy crafting! And yes I am using my soon to be married name, as part of my post... I think it sounds better!

With that being said I  have been looking at one of my favorite websites (Etsy) a lot lately, and I found a few DIY crafts that I wanted to try. I have been obsessed with the wedding section since all my planning started, and have found SO many cute ideas! One being a set of photo booth props, and another being tissue paper pom poms.

Now I will say that for the tissue paper pom poms, I did seek a little help from good ole Martha Stewart. I get her monthly magazines and remember seeing these in one of them. I did a step by step photo shoot of how EASY it really is. Now don't make fun of my chubby tiny hands!


8 20x30 sheets of tissue paper
floral wire (about 4 inches)
monofiliment ( how ever long needed to get the pom pom to hang in desired location)

Step one: After stacking all 8 sheets of tissue paper, make 1- 1/12 accordion folds, creasing after each fold.

Step two: Place floral wire in the center of folded tissue paper, and twist.

Step Three :Twist and tie monofiliment around center of tissue paper ( so that when you start to fluff what is used to hand the pom pom is already in place)

Step Four: Cut edges. Either rounded or pointy. Each will give you a different look. I tried to do rounded but it is kind of a mixture between the two :-)

Step Five: Carefully pull each layer out separately towards the center of pom pom ( where the wire is) to get this!

Second Project was my photo booth props. Now don't worry this is a step by step process. It quite simple, all you have to do is draw shapes of glass, mustaches, lips, hats ect. cut them out, and hot glue a wooden stick onto them.


Decorative Card stock
12inch wooden sticks
Hot glue gun, and glue
Here are my props. It took me a long time to actually make them ( because I am such a perfectionist) so I am super proud!

And here is Alex and I modeling what they will look like in use!

Since I love crafting, please share some crafting ideas you have done, so I can try them too!

Well until the next handmade by Rebekah Page!

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  1. I am so glad you made these! I have seen these pom poms on so many blogs and have been wanting to try them! I am glad you are doing a photo booth too! So fun!